The Van Neste Square Lighting Project

Memorial Park at Van Neste Square is located at the center of downtown Ridgewood and deserves a lighting design that befits its uniquely visible and important location. It is critical that the lighting enhance the safety of every visitor while also expressing the beauty of the park itself. This combination of aesthetics and practicality should apply throughout the scene—to trees and plantings, monuments and sculptures, pathways and seating areas. This would depart from traditional lighting that uses very bright, high-wattage lamps, positioned in a manner that causes disability glare.

Jan & Brooke, Luminae LLC proposes to enable a new way to enjoy the park—with lighting that aids the natural flow of people, highlights the War Memorial and Godwin Statue, and celebrates the majestic trees and beautiful plantings maintained by the Women’s Garden Club of Ridgewood.

Using LED fixtures to sculpt the trees with uplighting and downlighting techniques, our design would make the arcade of trees along East Ridgewood Ave into an invitation that draws visitors into the park’s interior. Through uplighting we can celebrate the grandeur of the centrally located oak tree that is a focal point and destination within the park; moreover, downlighting from the oak will illuminate the converging paths to help people navigate the park comfortably and confidently. Additional downlighting will highlight—and indeed celebrate—the now dark sculptures of Godwin and the Memorial.

In addition to illuminating the park, this project shall provide desired infrastructure for future events, including the addition of exterior-rated outlets and a high-quality audio system. Altogether, the envisioned enhancements have vast potential to bring the community together, by encouraging a greater number of diverse events in the park year-round.



The Plan

"Up", "Down" and "Pathway" lighting added to the park to create an exquisite ambiance for visitors to the square after sunset.  Electrical supplies strategically placed throughout the park to power future functions, shows, music and other park events.

Dramatic effects added to let the visitor know they are entering a special space.  Artistically placed lighting effects to highlight the special features of Van Nest Square


Up Lighting

Pathway Lighting